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“Sera Golding-Young is the real deal! I’m so grateful for her wisdom, humour and gifts in my life and the way they have transformed my perspective and possibility. "

Amanda Tress / Transformational Coach 

“Sera has powerfully guided me to connect at a profoundly deeper level with the spirit world and my own energies for guidance to release layers of long lived invisible barriers, which were frustrating even after doing so much good work on myself.  After each session, I feel lighter and aware of deeper shifts within me.  I look forward to our next session!"

Danilla Szekely / Coach, Facilitator, Speaker

"Sera offers a unique blend of spiritual maturity, transformational coaching expertise and strong essences of brilliant light, authentic compassion, and dedication to the process.

Sometimes you just can't explain why you're stuck. I had done all the work. I had looked inside myself, into my relationships with others and with God. I knew I had an ancestral attachment with this house and property and that there was a powerful hold with energetic stagnation, I had exhausted everything I knew how to do (and I am resourceful) to break free and move forward. I was mystified, frustrated, exhausted, and yes, a bit frightened that I was stuck and would never break free. In one sitting, Sera helped me solve the mystery, heal ancient wounds (literally), repair multiple family relationships, heal my body (energy) and sell my home.

Every time Sera provides Spiritual Transformational coaching for me, I receive so much more than resolution of the issue that brought me to her. For example, when I was receiving coaching to sell my house, I healed not only the stuck energy on the house and property, but I healed my own birth trauma, as well as my relationships with this-life family and relationships with ancestors going back centuries. 
All of the local real estate experts and even some spiritual sages told me that the house would sell very very quickly. I knew that I was being called to live in a different part of the country to pursue deep spiritual work there. It all seemed aligned and ready to go. However, it didn’t go. After the property had been mysteriously sitting on the market for over 2 years, Sera helped me sell it.  And as result of our work together in removing dark energies around the property, she also healed ancient ancestral relationships that had been causing tremendous pain in my life." 

Dawn M. Tartar / JD, Certified Master Transformational Coach and NLP Practitioner, Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator

"Sera helped me to work through issues that have been effecting me for my whole life, that I've never seemed to be able to get to the bottom of, despite years of self-work. She immediately named the root of this as a past life issue, and not only did she expertly help me to clear the energy around it (which on its own created a huge transformation), but she also guided me through how to work through it myself, which was an empowering experience and has left me feeling so much more confident in my own abilities moving forward." 

Jessa Davies / Artiste

"I was struggling to get over having attended the scene of a traumatic accident near my house in which a man lost his life. I walked past the exact spot where he died every day and it always brought up a lot of difficult emotion. After one session with Sera it was just gone. I couldn't believe it. Since then, Sera has helped me in so many ways. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Emma Campbell Webster / Writer, Actress, Poet, Intuitive

"I have had a couple of sessions with Sera- the first a couple of years ago and the second a couple of weeks ago and both were completely different but positive experiences. Sera has the skills to be able to tap into your current self- your emotions, your thoughts and is excellent at guiding you through a process of dealing with your unanswered questions. 

My first session was more about listening. My mum, who has passed, had an awful lot to say to me via Sera about my current life state and guided me into a steady work and financial situation. I had gotten myself into a little mess and needed help. Things that were said to me were things that Sera could not possibly have known. It was lovely to feel a sense of my mum in the room with us, albeit a little emotional at the same time! I followed the advice and am in the best place I have ever been to date with my career and finances.

My second, most rescent, session was focused on my love life. I had got into a cycle of attracting quite unstable and emotionally abusive guys and although I realised this, I had no idea how to break free from it. This session took an unusual route. Sera regressed me back to a past life where it made sense as to why I was attracting these men. After some guided meditation we said goodbye to these hindrances. Again, a very emotionally draining experience but very positive and left me lit up and hopeful. I also learnt that I was being too trusting with my love and gave a lot of time and effort to those who sucked the life out of me with nothing positve in return. I am now very aware of protecting my energy. I can’t wait to see what my next relationship brings as I am very certain I have broken the chains in my bad cycle.

Sera has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease in her sessions. She asks the most poinient questions about your situation and is easily able to help and guide you through ways to deal with it. Whether you want to get in touch with your Inner Child, your Higher Self, a loved one who has passed or even just to address certain problem zones in your life, Sera has the answers. I thoroughly recommend her services."

Gina Dowle / MUA and Pilates Instructor

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