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Do you find yourself stuck on one issue that seems to repeat itself over and over again? Whether it be money, relationships, career... we all find ourselves in situations that seems to have us held and unable to move forward.

There is often a spiritual/energetic reason you are stuck. This could be a past life or ancestral trauma that needs to be released, or perhaps an experience in childhood or earlier life that you are unable to move on from. We have all been there. You're not alone. This is a part of life that is not often spoken of, but affects us all.


'My Spiritual Transformational Coaching sessions are a virtual healing session with a difference. Not only do I work with the spirits around you to heal the energy that is ready for release, but I hold space for you to be the practitioner.

Together, we tune into the issue and develop your own spiritual and psychic connection as we go. This means that not only do we clear the block, but you gain powerful expertise and spiritual development so that you can feel empowered to continue to do this work on yourself.' - Sera Golding-Young





- Heal Your Past Life & Ancestral Trauma

- Transform your blocks

- Find empowerment and confidence in who you are

- Develop & master your own psychic and intuitive skills

Online one-to-one coaching via video calling


“Sera Golding-Young is the real deal! I’m so grateful for her wisdom, humour and gifts in my life and the way they have transformed my perspective and possibility. "

Amanda Tress / Transformational Coach 

“Sera has powerfully guided me to connect at a profoundly deeper level with the spirit world and my own energies for guidance to release layers of long lived invisible barriers, which were frustrating even after doing so much good work on myself.  After each session, I feel lighter and aware of deeper shifts within me.  I look forward to our next session!"

Danilla Szekely / Coach, Facilitator, Speaker

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