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New Beginnings, New Moon, New Energy

Hello beautiful you

The new moon is always my favourite time. I think the full moon seems to get more attention, being all bright and shiny and attention grabbing like she is, but whilst I do enjoy the expansion that comes with that, my fave time is the quietness of the new moon. It's the perfect time to be still, connect within the darkest parts of myself and let them go to make space for what I am creating next.

I felt drawn to share with you the new moon ritual that I do every month. It's a beautiful and powerful way to mark the start of a new cycle, let go of anything that no longer serves you and dream up what's coming next.

Today is the new moon, and ideally you'll do this ritual today, but the beauty of the moon is that she's female. Her energy flows and ebbs with life (unlike the masculine which is more rigid and exact) - so if you end up having a crazy day but want to do it tomorrow, she's down for helping you either way. She's pretty awesome like that. So no pressure, do this when you can somewhere around the new moon.

You'll need:

A candle. Or if you're feeling fancy, a dark coloured candle and a white candle.

A pen

Multiple sheets of paper

10-45mins, depending on how much you like to write :)

The Ritual

  1. Find yourself a space where you won't be disturbed. Light a candle. If you feel like being extra fancy you can buy a dark coloured candle and light that to represent going deep and letting go

  2. Sit with yourself for a moment. Meditate, or if meditating sounds like too much and triggering, literally just sit and be. Be with your feelings, be with your thoughts, be with any emotions that arise from just sitting in stillness. Welcome these feelings. So often we try to push them away, but for a moment allow them to be there. Really feel them. Welcome them like an old friend who you've had beef with for years. She doesn't make you feel good, but theres value in allowing her to be around one last time so you can remember the deepest, darkest parts of you.

  3. When you're ready, take a pen and paper and at the top write, 'On this new moon, I lovingly release...' or 'I let go of...' or 'This is me, saying byeeeeeee to...' Whatever sounds like you and feels authentic. Write down everything that comes to mind that you felt as you sat with your feelings in step 2. Write down everything that comes to mind now - more will come, just let it flow. Doesn't matter if you fill a whole sheet of paper, or two, or if you genuinely just want to write one thing. Write until you can't write anymore because nothing else comes to mind.

  4. Take a moment. Breathe. Then read through the list slowly, and at each point you read, you may feel your body releasing it slightly. You may not. That's OK too. When you get to the end and feel ready, scrunch up the paper/rip it up/bury it/burn it/throw it in the bin. Do whatever you can do to demolish it, and say outloud 'Blessed be.' Breathe again. It is done.

  5. Sit for a moment. Give your body and spirit time to process and be with this new energy.

  6. If you were one of the fancy ones who lit a dark candle earlier, now light a white candle. If you weren't, don't worry about it - no biggie.

  7. Sit and be with yourself again, and this time we are opening up to new beginnings and the incredible things you are going to create this month. Try to feel into it, rather than thinking too much. Your body and spirit knows what its greatest potentials are this month, whereas your mind might persuade you it's all about a new car or a new jacket. Theres deep, powerful information in your body and it will guide you to know what it wants to create, what it wants to be.

  8. On a new sheet of paper, write 'I AM...' or 'I lovingly create...' or 'I'm so awesome because...' or whatever feels like you, but it should be affirmative. I already am this or I already have this. Again write your list. It can be as long as you like or as short as you like. Let it flow and write until you can't write any more.

  9. Once you're done, slowly read through your list, this time really feeling what it feels like to have each thing already in your life. Feel the feelings of having already created each thing. Let yourself feel happy, proud, excited, expansive...whatever it is, feel it deep in your body. Smile and jump and dance if you'd like to :)

  10. At this point you might like to take a picture of your list, so you can come back to it and check in throughout the month. Do that. Now, destroy it/burn it/bury it. Say out loud, 'Blessed Be'. It is done.

  11. Thank the moon and blow out your candle(s).

I hope you enjoy this and create some magic this month!

Sending you new moon love


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