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I'm so glad you made it to my FREE training, 'Seven Secrets to Surviving 2020 as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person'.

Us Empaths feel absolutely everything, and with everything going on in the world right now, this can be debilitating! Not only are we all going through huge personal transformations during this intense time, but we're also having to deal with everyone else in the world going through their own thing too. When you're an Empath (or a Highly Sensitive Person) who feels the feelings and emotions of others, this is traumatic. 

My free training gives you some powerful tools, meditations and techniques that will help you be able to disconnect from the heavy energies of the rest of the world so that you can find your authentic truth

The thing is, you've been given this gift for a reason - and it IS a gift, despite it being challenging sometimes. When we can learn to use our sensitivities as a gift, it plays a huge part in us finding our unique role in the world and living our true purpose. The world needs you now, more than ever, to be you, and this free training is designed to help you find that truth.

Brought to you by

Sera Golding-Young


As a natural empath, psychic and medium, Sera has spent the past 12 years deep in the study of spiritual development, and has trained with some of the most in demand guides in the esoteric industry, including Dr Jean Houston, Dr Claire Zammit, and Terry & Natalia O'Sullivan.

As Sera's gifts awakened, she soon began working professionally, initially as a tarot reader, but then branching out to healer after graduating from an intense three year 'Soul Rescue' course, and eventually developing her very own form of Spiritual Transformational Coaching. She also studied 'Feminine Power' and 'Global Leadership' for many years. Sera's work now is a delightful combination of all her training and experience.

As a music artiste, and one half of British pop act Unsung Lilly, Sera channels her spiritual development themes into her lyrics, and together with her wife Frankie has created beautiful songs such as 'Demons', 'Fly' and 'In the Dark Again'.

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