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My name is Sera Golding-Young. I’m a British music artiste, psychic medium and an empath & spiritual transformation coach.

I have always been sensitive to energy, and nowadays I am pleased to say that it's one of my most powerful gifts, but it hasn't always been that easy. I used to constantly find myself exhausted, confused, emotionally torn...I always felt so 'stuck'. Sound familiar? It was only when I discovered that I was an empath and naturally a medium (which we actually all are) that I started to understand why I was feeling that way. Cue over a decade of *somewhat* obsessive research & learning, and I completely transformed my life. No more feeling stuck.


Now I live a life that I love! I make music. I fell in love with the most incredible person. My art has taken me to spend six years in California!

One of my absolute passions is to help other people have the same empowering awakening that I had, which is why I offer spiritual readings, I make online courses for Empaths & Highly Sensitive people, and offer one-to-one Spiritual Transformational Coaching.

As an artiste, I’ve been writing and performing in Unsung Lilly for the past 8 years, creating epic pop music with my uber talented wife, Frankie. I take care of the lyrics, vocals, and also create a lot of our music videos (yep, self confessed editing geek right here). 


Somewhere along the line around 2008, I began my training in empath, mediumship and psychic studies. Learning and developing quickly became my absolute obsession, and eventually lead to me working professionally alongside music. What seems like two very different professions seem to feed each other very well - with my spiritual side always inspiring and infusing into my music, and my experiences in music creating a deeper need for spiritual tools and understanding. Completing a 3 year ‘Soul Rescue’ course in London with the amazing Terry & Natalia O’Sullivan, combined with spiritual development studies with Anna Taylor, various courses in California on Quantum awesomeness with Dr Jean Houston, and 3 years of Leadership and Mastery in Feminine Power with Dr Claire Zammit have created a powerful concoction of skills and tools that I draw upon with my own brand of ‘Spiritual Transformational Coaching’, and my spiritual readings, all designed to awaken, expand and empower.



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